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Why the IPA was started

The International Pedicure Association was developed for the modern pedicurist worldwide, to help meet their needs and concerns regarding pedicures. Through a support network along with the highest levels of education in the industry, safe high quality pedicures can be achieved. To help elevate and differentiate pedicurists who wish to go beyond their basic education, the International Pedicure Association was founded in 2004 by the late Dr. Dennis Arnold.  

Dr. Arnold was a leader breaking ground in a new direction by becoming a liaison between podiatrists and nail technicians.  He broke down the barriers for the safety of the technicians as well as the general public.  Dr. Arnold’s inspiration was to set member-pedicurists apart by providing opportunities for advanced education and infection control information for those who chose to go further, thus elevating their status in the industry.  His gentle manner and dedication to the technicians is still being talked about today by the pedicurists who knew him, thus making his vision of the International Pedicure Association (IPA) come to life.



Dr Arnold, DPM was a podiatrist from Ft. Worth, Texas who passed away in October, 2008.  He was known by his peers as an excellent surgeon who had achieved all levels of certification available in his industry.  Through his estate, the request came for continuing his dream under a new management team.  We set about reorganizing the IPA keeping the momentum by re-opening the doors in January 2009.  In the early days, under the new management team, the objective was to maintain the association while transitioning to the new team.  One of the major back office challenges was to reconcile four years of paperwork. 


Running an organization requires a significant amount of human resource and innovation to maintain its presence and momentum in the marketplace.  While the International Pedicure Association has still remained visible and several media articles were been published, there was a lull in updating the website with essential information. 


We also enlisted the help of an Advisory Board which consists of industry experts.  The members offer expert advice in all facets of a nail technician’s work life as support.  Our Advisory Board includes a medical doctor who specializes in the diabetic foot and who runs a clinic out of his local hospital, podiatrists, a pedorthist, educators, business consultants to assist in financial advice, public relations for marketing, etc. 


The Future


"We want to be the one stop shop for all questions, education and support in the Pedicure Industry".

In order to achieve our objectives, we are introducing a range of new features, such as consumer articles, member only webinars, newsletters, articles, questions and answers, photo gallery of foot conditions and other features which are still in development stages. These are all designed to educate and promote the practice of safe and hygienic pedicures for the public and pedicurists.

Our aspirations for consumers and members are simple.  

It is the consumer’s right to expect that they ony have highly disinfectd or sterilized implements or else disposable items, disinfected pedicure bowls and sanitized stations.  However, as they say, people don’t know what they don’t know – and this is the sad but true state of many pedicurists education.  All education is not taught by experts in the field and emphasis may not be on infection control.  Cross-contamination in salons is a huge problem today and it is our wish to help prevent the problems associated with this by way of education through webinars, newsletters and tips.

Our goals are:

To reach as many pedicurists as possible with the express purpose of providing education that can be utilized and passed along to the clients.  This education is to protect both parties.  It is our goal that consumers demand a safer pedicure, as is their right, resulting in less infections.                                                              

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